Keto Burn


Keto Burn is a high-intensity workout program designed to help you build lean muscle and torch body fat in the gym.

Who it’s for

  • Someone on the ketogenic diet
  • People with a busy work and family life
  • Males or Females
  • Any age
  • Beginner or Intermediate
  • Anyone with a gym membership

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What it does

  • Challenges you with high-intensity workouts
  • Maximizes fat burning
  • Uses effective training techniques
  • Causes muscle confusion to stimulate growth
  • Improves mind-to-muscle connection
  • Shocks your muscles to grow
  • Increases heart rate with Tabata & Circuits
  • Teaches you effective training strategies

How it’s delivered

  • Program delivered via email
  • Program can be opened on your phone by visiting
  • Program can be printed out


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