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Startup Phone Call

Day 1 of your coaching program starts with a personal phone call with your Keto Quest Coach to discuss your personal background, unique circumstances and your health and fitness goals! By the end of your call you will be confident and ready to start your journey!

Weekly Check-ins

Your Keto Quest Coach gets in touch with you every week to make sure you stay on track. You get answers to your questions and your Keto Quest Coach makes any necessary changes to your program to help you continue making progress!

24/7 Support

Being held accountable is critical to your success. You need someone there to keep you motivated and help you in moments of weakness! Your Keto Quest Coach is available 24/7 to answer your questions and pushes you every day to reach your goal.

Personalized Macros

Your coach helps you understand how to set and track your macros and explains the quickest way to get into ‘fat burning mode’.

Custom Meal Plan

You go over your new meal plan together and learn which foods to eat and which to avoid. 


Anytime you have a question or need advice, your Keto Quest Coach will be there to help answer and guide you along

Your Coaching Program Includes


Keto Quest is a simple and easy-to-follow program that helps you burn fat and lose weight. Our program also helps you feel less bloated, reduce inflammation and joint pain, have better energy and no crashes, sharpen your mental focus and reduce your appetite!


No more stressing about food and questioning yourself every time you eat! Keto Quest has helped thousands of people get results without calorie counting and has allowed them to turn their diet into a stress-free lifestyle


Anyone who thinks the keto diet is too ‘restrictive’ hasn’t seen our Approved Food List! We have almost 100 food items on our list broken down into categories so you can easily find them when it’s time to hit the grocery store.


Keto Quest teaches you exactly which foods to avoid and how to read ingredient labels. We even teach you how to not fall victim to the marketing tricks food companies use against you while you shop.


Instead of counting calories Keto Quest teaches you to how to track ‘macro percentages’. By tracking the percentage of protein, carbs and fats you eat every day you can get into ketosis, have tons of energy, feel good and lose weight.


Keto Quest teaches you the best time to eat your meals to maximize your results and teaches you how to identify ‘hunger cues’ so you can make keto easy and sustainable!


Learn how to make simple and delicious keto friendly meals that keep you in fat burning mode and make you feel full. Our guide teaches you how to make meals that fit your keto macros. You also get a sample menu with plenty of meal options.


Keto Quest teaches you three different methods for testing ketones to make sure you are burning optimal amounts of fat during the day. Testing instructions are easy and you can learn which method is best for you. 


Too many people fail on keto because they were given the wrong information!

Have you ever heard of the dreaded ‘keto flu’. It’s the most common reason people end up failing on this diet and it’s easy to avoid! Keto Quest teaches you everything you need to know from the beginning so you can avoid keto flu and get off to a strong start.


Unfortunately, many people start keto and get a few unwanted side-effects like constipation, insomnia, diarrhea and keto rash. Don’t worry it doesn’t happen to many, but just in case we have answers on how to cure these side-effects so you can keep going strong! 

Fortune Favors the Bold

Keto Burn Workout Program

Your Keto Quest program includes a revolutionary workout program designed by Jason Wittrock to help you quickly burn stored body fat and develop lean muscle that boosts your metabolism.

Each workout tells you exactly which exercises to perform along with how many sets and reps to perform. You receive video demonstrations and picture tutorials for each exercise to ensure proper form and execution.

The Keto Burn Workout Program uses the strategy of ‘muscle confusion’ to force your body to adapt and change. Every workout is completely different, which keeps your body guessing and increases results. Your workouts incorporate advanced fat burning and muscle building strategies like drop sets, supersets, tri sets, and negative reps to take your physique to the next level.

Each Keto Burn workout includes sophisticated cardio routines proven to maximize fat burning in the least amount of time possible.

Stronger Together

Private Facebook Group

We are in this together! Sadly, most people fail on the keto diet because they don’t get encouragement from people around them. They feel alone and get NO support. You are NEVER alone on the Keto Quest program! We give you LIFETIME access to our Keto Quest facebook support group so you can meet new friends and get answers to your questions.

As a member you get feedback and program adjustments from professional keto coaches and join weekly LIVE Q&A’s

Make the Change

Real People. Real Results.

See the amazing transformations clients have made following Keto Quest.  Make the choice today and get in the best shape of your life!

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