One of the greatest habits you can develop while following a ketogenic way of eating is to meal prep.  Meal prepping makes eating right effortless and thoughtless, and helps to control cravings and to take the guesswork out of determining your next meal.  The key to making meal prepping successful is to make meals that are easy, delicious and filling.  Here are five recipes from Keto Quest’s own Keto Chef Max that can be made in bulk:

Keto Sloppy Joe Chili

Who doesn’t remember eating Sloppy Joe as a kid?  Here it is again, in all its glory, but we’ve replaced the bun with keto-friendly fixing including bacon, sour cream and avocado!  The basic recipe here,, makes 8 servings.  It takes about 15 minutes to prep (maybe more for your first time) and about 30 minutes to cook.  You can also halve, double or even triple the recipe to fit your meal planning needs!

Colorado Casserole

One of my personal favorite types of omelets are the meat heavy ones, usually called a Colorado Omelet at most diners.  It usually includes bacon and sausage, along with ham, Canadian bacon or turkey as well, along with generous amount of cheese.  But for meal prepping in bulk, making this meal in a much larger quantity and in casserole form makes it far easier to take on the go and to reheat.  With 15 minutes of prep time and about 20 minutes to cook, the standard recipe here,, gives you 6 750-calorie meals in just over half an hour!  Need more?  Simply double or even triple the recipe and you can have Colorado Casserole for the whole family for the week!

Jumbo Breakfast Sausage Baked Eggs

One of the best things about keto, at least for me, is how keto-friendly most traditional breakfast foods are.  Eggs, bacon, breakfast sausages, etc are some of my favorite foods and they are keto-friendly to boot! Our second breakfast-themed entry in this list, these are basically Keto breakfast muffins.  Ready in about half an hour, the recipe here,, makes four servings with fantastic macros.  As with any other recipe, you can easily make larger batches if you’re cooking for more people.

Mediterranean Greek Salad

Keto isn’t just about dense, meat-heavy meals.  In fact, there are many people who follow – and thrive on – a vegetable-centered or even vegan-focused ketogenic way of eating.  The Mediterranean Greek Salad is a veggie-heavy entrant on this list, and the feta goat cheese can be easily swapped out for a vegan replacement, or even removed entirely, for an all-vegan option.  At the same time, if you don’t mind meats, you can add chicken thigh, pepperonis or salami to increase the protein. The recipe here,, makes 3 servings, can be ready in 20 minutes, and can easily be increased either to make more servings for yourself or to make enough for the rest of family for the next couple days.

Bacon Bits and Brussels

Brussels sprouts are a controversial ingredient.  I happen to love the.  But some people aren’t that fond of them.  That being the case, you can easily swap out the Brussels sprouts for standard cabbage, broccoli, or riced cauliflower and still have a fantastically delicious meal!  The recipe here,, makes 3 servings and is ready in 20 minutes, and the portions can be very easily increased to make more servings.  Some stores even sell pre-shaved Brussels sprouts!  It’s also quite simple to shave them yourself with a rough chop or on a mandolin slicer.

by Chris Wolf
Twitter: @ketoayf
Instagram: @keto_quest_chris