Electrolytes are the minerals that your body needs to survive.  These include potassium, magnesium and sodium.  These are especially important the first couple of weeks on keto to keep you from feeling sick as well as if you engage in athletic activities whether it be intense workouts, running or playing sports.  It never hurts to use them daily and you’ll likely be able to tell when you need some because you won’t feel well.  When following a ketogenic way of eating you can become deficient in these areas but you can also easily remedy the issue.  The best option is to get these minerals through the food you eat but it isn’t always possible to get enough so you can add them to food, take supplements, make homemade electrolyte drinks or buy powders that are easy for when you’re on the go.  You have options to fit your lifestyle.


This one is pretty easy.  You can add salt to your food to increase sodium or use something like Nu-Salt, No Salt or crème of tartar to increase potassium.  Some people will even eat salt straight with a touch of water.


A popular way to ensure you get enough potassium and magnesium is to take a supplement.  Keto Quest has a great all-in-one supplement you can get from the store here.  If you choose to buy them individually, my main recommendation with magnesium would be to stick to a high quality supplement, for example one without oxide, to avoid the digestive issues magnesium can cause.


Many people use this method to get enough electrolytes as well.  You can make your own drink at home, for example, Dr. Berry’s “ketorade” found here or you can make up your own recipe using a good quality salt, Nu-Salt/No Salt/crème of tatar and water.  Many people also add these items to their pre-workouts or water they drink while working out.

Don’t have the time to make your own drink or want a powder you can easily add to water when you’re on the go? There’s options for that too! There’s a plethora of electrolyte drink mixes available in stores/online for you to choose from.  The key here is to make sure they don’t contain added sugars or unnecessary ingredients; simple is better.

You can read more about the importance of these minerals and the side effects of being deficient by joining Keto Quest and checking out the topic in the success course here.

How do you get your electrolytes in? Let us know in the comments!