Many people who do the ketogenic diet find it improves their quality of sleep.  This is not the case for everyone though.  Have you noticed you’re having a harder time going to sleep?  Maybe you’re waking up a lot during the night? Or you wake up super early and can’t go back to sleep?  Don’t worry, you’re not alone! This happens for some folks, including myself, and this is completely normal.  I actually have chronic insomnia that keto made even worse but lucky for you, and me, there’s supplements that can help!

Good sleep hygiene is of course important but doesn’t always cut it.  Good sleep hygiene includes things like not taking long naps during the day, avoiding stimulants late in the day, getting in some exercise earlier in the morning/afternoon and limiting exposure to electronics an hour before bed.  But when doing keto you will find you have a lot more energy and may need something more than good sleep hygiene to help you get your zzzz’s.

If you want to take a typical over the counter sleep aid that’s ok but many are leery of that long term, don’t like the “hangover” effect or want something more natural.  There’s options.

Magnesium Glycinate-Magnesium helps promote relaxation and a magnesium deficiency is known to be a cause of insomnia.  This is a mineral you may need to take supplementation for on keto if you aren’t getting enough through your diet…those foods include things such as green leafy vegetables, nuts/seeds, avocados and other veggies such as asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprouts and artichokes to name a few.

Magnesium Calm – This is a popular powdered form of magnesium that you mix with hot water and enjoy.  It promotes relaxation and may be beneficial before bed. Many will take it at other times of stress as well.

5-HTP – This supplement increases the production of serotonin to help you sleep.  Many note that it improves sleep quality without creating grogginess the next morning.

Melatonin – This can be great especially if you have trouble falling asleep.  In my personal experience, I found if I took above about 3mg it made me groggy so just something to watch out for; not everyone is the same and this works for many people.

Calcium – This is known to be an important mineral in promoting quality sleep.  It assists with the natural production of melatonin which is critical to our sleep wake cycle.

Sleep issues can affect your ability to lose weight, drain your energy and make you moody so it’s important to get good quality rest.  You may find some of the above mentioned supplements beneficial but as with any pill, mind the recommended dose, address any concerns with your doctor especially if you’re taking other medications and be watchful for any negative side affects you may feel.