Non-Scale Victories, or NSV’s, are one of the most important things to keep in mind when you’re following any fitness or diet plan. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, gain muscle, or something else entirely, the scale won’t always move the way you want. You will hit plateaus.  Your weight will go in the opposite direction you want. It’ll be frustrating. You might post about it on a facebook group or in Keto Quest.

Enter NSV’s! My initial goal on keto was to lose weight. I didn’t think about what I wanted my end result to look like, I just wanted the number on the scale to be A LOT lower. And as I started losing weight, I had days where it moved 3-4 lbs in a day, and others when I was inexplicably a pound heavier the next morning even though I’d eaten completely on plan. I learned about non-scale victories from a facebook group, though I don’t remember which one. I kept seeing posts about NSV’s, and had no idea what they were. I asked, and was taught.

Don’t just set a goal weight if losing weight is your aim. Set a goal dress/pants/shirt size. Even a goal shoe size – this is not a joke, there are people who have enough to lose that, at a certain point, are able to wear smaller shoe sizes. Set a goal about what belt loop you want to get to. There are plenty of non-scale victories outside of physical appearance. Write down what you want.

Here are some of the weight loss NSV goals or targets that were shared with me when I first asked about them:

  • pants size
  • dress size
  • belt hole
  • shoe size
  • waist measurement
  • face shape
  • body fat percentage
  • wedding ring size
  • walk duration
  • pushup number
  • biking distance
  • health insurance premium level
  • amount of time playing with kids

It’s likely you have some of your own ideas outside this list of things that you’re thinking you want to follow. So if the scale isn’t moving, keep a list handy of other goals you have and move to those when the scale isn’t doing what you want. If you need help creating your own list, consider joining Keto Quest’s private Coaching Group and working with one of our Keto Coaches for more specific guidance. You’ve got this!

by Chris Wolf
Twitter: @ketoayf
Instagram: @keto_quest_chris