For those of us that love sushi it can be very disappointing to think it’s no longer an option now that we’ve gone keto but lucky for us that is not the case.  There are still options for us sushi lovers.

Of course eating sushi at a restaurant can be a little more difficult than if you make it yourself but you can keep it keto if you really have a craving.   Obviously, one of the main issues is the rice so the best option when dining out is sashimi.  Sashimi avoids the rice and leaves you with just the raw fish.  Many love this as an option.  I personally do not.  I love sushi but generally only eat the type with cooked meats like crab, lobster and shrimp which often leads to them being fried as well so for people like me it can be even tougher to eat sushi out.  I’ve recently learned that some sushi places are starting to offer cauliflower rice though and this is great news and definitely something to research in your local area! In addition to the rice being an issue there are the sauces.

Many of the sauces are sugar laden or made with corn starch so you have to be careful with these.  A popular sauce for sushi is soy sauce.  Depending on the type the restaurant uses this may contain wheat which isn’t great but many will make the exception in a pinch or to enjoy an evening out.  If the restaurant uses Tamari sauce it’s likely a better option as it contains less wheat or even better the gluten free Tamari is keto-friendly because it contains no wheat.  You can always ask if they have any gluten free options.  Sriracha mayo is another popular sauce on sushi and this is likely keto-friendly depending on what they put in it.  Again, you can always ask.  Things like eel sauce, sweet soy sauce or ponzu have a higher sugar content and should be avoided. If wasabi and ginger are your thing you are fine to enjoy those.

In a perfect world you would have a local sushi restaurant that serves cauliflower rice, gluten-free Tamari sauce and perfectly made Sriracha sauce but what do you do if you don’t and you follow a stricter keto lifestyle?  Make it at home, that’s what!

Yep, make your own and control the ingredients you put in it.  It’s not even hard I promise.  You can find a myriad of recipes on the internet.  I’ve made sushi using small cups to compact it and it turns out great and satisfies that craving.  You can get creative using all types of ingredients to get variety. It’s more work than going out obviously but it allows you to be 100% in control of what you’re eating.

Do you love sushi? Have you come across other options not mentioned here? Or do you have a favorite make at home recipe?  Let us know below.