I’m sure there are a lot of individuals who are starting keto while others in their household aren’t.  Maybe it’s because you’ve decided you wanted to eat healthier but your spouse isn’t on board to change their diet.  Maybe you have kids that you don’t want doing full keto or teenagers who refuse to give up those carb laden foods.  It may require a little more planning and willpower on your part but it is totally possible to be the only person doing keto in a household and still be successful.

First, there’s the meal planning.  If you keep meals simple it’s easy to keep the carbs separate.  Plan for meals that are meat and veggies (if you eat them) which allows you to keep the carbs separate for those who want them.

Second, you have to go grocery shopping.  If you don’t have willpower it might be hard for you to buy non-keto foods.  Maybe someone else can buy those foods or do the grocery shopping all together.  If that isn’t an option then maybe you can buy those foods but buy yourself keto-friendly alternatives as well; parmesan crisps along with those chips, zucchini noodles with that pasta, etc.

Now comes time to prep and cook those meals for the family.  Cook your meat, veggies if you eat them and then have a carb side for others.  This is where that willpower really comes in for the person on keto.  If you don’t have a strong willpower maybe have them cook their own carbs if they’re willing.  I lived in a non-keto house for a while and my husband and son absolutely ate what I fixed and loved it.  If they wanted a potato, rice, pasta, bread etc. it would be there for them and I just didn’t eat it.  I think most will find that even non-keto people love the food but they want the carbs too.  Just avoid those dishes that are a casserole style mix of carbs and keto-friendly food.  If they’re not willing to cook their own carbs try storing them on a different shelf or drawer in the fridge to keep them away from your keto-friendly options.

What about snacks…..they sit in the cupboard taunting and tempting you.  This can be a little tougher but if you have the option to have a cupboard specifically for those snacks that is a great compromise that allows you to avoid the food; out of sight out of mind, or you can always resort to locking it.  And this leads back to having keto-friendly options on hand for yourself so that when family members are eating those chips you can have your crisps, when they’ve got soda you’ve got your flavored sparkling water or when they’re eating chocolate you have a treat too. While it’s recommended to keep “ketofied” foods in moderation they might come in handy in these situations.

I won’t lie, it does take some willpower to live in a household that isn’t full on keto but it’s possible with a little extra effort.  Do you have a method of dealing with this type of situation and the temptation that comes with it? Let us know in the comments.