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Jason Wittrock


Fitness has changed my life and I am confident it has the power to change yours too!

I believe the secret to happiness is progress. I’ve proudly helped people from all over the world reach their full potential and change their mind and body.

I specialize in helping people lose weight with the ketogenic diet. I’ve helped thousands of people start the ketogenic diet and I’m proud to be part of the success of so many amazing people. My passion and purpose is to give hope to those who have tried everything and failed.

“Victory belongs to those who persevere”

Specialty Areas

  • People who are new to the low-carb or keto lifestyle
  • People who want to reduce body fat and add lean muscle
  • People who are physically active in the gym
  • People who are looking to improve athletic performance
  • Current & former fitness competitors

Luisa Howlett


My goal is to help you get healthy and teach you how to live a ketogenic lifestyle. I have struggled to lose weight my whole life and was diagnosed with PCOS in my early 20’s! My hormones we’re abnormally out of balance and I weighed 213 pounds. I have lost a total of 75 pounds and most of my weight came off in 7 months from pure dedication and a healthy mindset.

I now dedicate my life to helping people like you as a keto coach. I want to share my knowledge and experience and help you change your life with the power of keto!

Specialty Areas

  • Someone new to the low-carb or keto lifestyle
  • Women with over 30 lbs to lose
  • Women with PCOS and hormone-related issues
  • People in a weight-loss plateau
  • People with dietary restrictions

Ben Phelps


My name is Ben Phelps, and I’ve lost over 150 pounds. I lost my weight by working hard, staying disciplined, and the ketogenic diet was a huge part of my success!

Now, I’m doing everything I can to inspire, inform, and help others change their lives the same way I did. I needed help and guidance, and want to be that help for you. I’m excited to be a part of your journey!

specialty Areas

  • People interested in the ‘Carnivore Diet’
  • People with over 30 lbs to lose
  • People in a weight-loss plateau
  • People interested in kettlebell training

Crystal Reneau


I started the ketogenic diet two years ago for weight loss and what I found was freedom.  Not only was I overweight, I suffered from hair loss, acne, bloating, hormone imbalances, adrenal fatigue, and high risk for cancer.  The ketogenic lifestyle diet has allowed me to heal, to become healthy, and thrive beyond what I thought was possible.

I’ve gone from overweight to athlete and being keto has become my biggest passion.  I want to be someone that leads by example and help others become their own success story.

Specialty Areas

  • People who are new to the ketogenic lifestyle or Intermittent Fasting
  • People who are physically active
  • People who want to reduce body fat and add lean muscle
  • People with busy lifestyles that need to meal prep

Adam Clark


I’ve struggled with weight management my entire life. “Yo-Yo” dieting was a common occurrence for me. Every weight loss experience would result in sub-par results and inevitable disappointment.I couldn’t find a sustainable healthy lifestyle that I enjoyed. The ketogenic diet changed all of that for me.

I lost a total of 55 pounds utilizing the keto diet and following a strict workout regiment. I follow keto as a lifestyle now and most of all, I’ve been able to maintain my results and stay healthy! Now, I want to pay my success forward and help others reach their full potential! I’m now passionate about helping others transform their lives like I did mine!

Specialty Areas

  • People who want to incorporate Intermittent Fasting
  • Busy professionals who need an easy way to make healthy choices
  • Men and women looking to build muscle
  • Bodyweight workouts
  • Resistance-band training

Natalie Renstrom


I have a passion to help others with their health.  When I was young, I was diagnosed with a learning disability. I ate poorly and didn’t get much physical activity. Since I started the ketogenic diet, I feel like a different person. My time management, focus, and energy have improved significantly. If this diet can improve my learning disability, then I promise it can also help you in many ways!

I want to make keto an enjoyable lifestyle for you that is not hard but fun!

Specialty Areas

  • Elderly people with diabetes, cancer, and other medical issues
  • Adults who want to tone their bodies without spending hours in the gym
  • Someone who is looking to become more physically active

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